I specialize working with Retired Women who want to embrace who they are, who they want to be and provide them with specific tools to bring their dreams to reality.


 Can I Help you fulfill your dreams?

I just retired and I feel lost.

We all think going from working to retirement is no big deal. You went from a certain work schedule to a less defined lifestyle. It’s natural that you may feel a little “disconnected” from whom you know you are. Whether or not you liked having a routine, all of a sudden there’s a huge space of time to fill up. You can fill it with family, friends, take classes, travel, volunteer, etc. The options are vast. As your Coach, we’ll explore what’s truly important to you, creating a retirement living plan that moves you with ease and delight. It’s important to embrace this new lifestyle, learning through inner guidance how to embrace your dreams, feel abundantly worthy of them and live your life lovingly and purposely.

I miss having a schedule and a routine.
Together we will create a new routine that you will eagerly look forward to and one that feels just right for you. During our Coaching Sessions, you will develop a new rhythm that is in sync with who you are and how you would love to feel about your retirement experience.  

I have been feeling depressed and kind of bored since I retired.
I’m not surprised. So many of us fantasize about how free and fun retirement will be but don’t have the foggiest idea of what we’ll do with all that free time. Having me as your Coach, gives you an opportunity to explore comfortably and easily the ideas that excite you. Once I help you create your Dream life vision, utilizing the Universal Laws, we’ll create a step by step action plan to make your new retirement life feel and be possible.

I feel that I’ve given all I have of myself to my company.  I’m worried that I may have nothing left to give when I retire.
This is one of the reasons women, like you, miss out on living the retirement life they would love and so deserve. You continually give your time, health, energy and best years to a career that, in truth, you are totally ready to retire from . Through my Coaching, you will discover lost passions that you have let go of and/or discover new ones. I’ll help you release any fears that are holding you back. It’s time to feel and live in the the Divine love, as you embrace your new transformational adventure.

I keep feeling like I don’t deserve to live the life I always fantasize about.
Without realizing it, many of us believe the old, negative, self defeating thoughts that play in our minds day after day. We don’t intentionally believe these thoughts. I will teach you how to hear, observe and then obliterate these destructive thought patterns. I’ll be your “partner in believing” and teach you how to honor, embrace your beautiful magnificent Soul and your amazing dream visions, that you may or may not be aware of. You deserve to live your Dream life!

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