I specialize working with “Relationship Challenged” Women who want to embrace who they are, who they want to be and provide them with specific tools to bring their dreams to reality.

How Can I Help you fulfill your dreams?

I’ve been working in Corporate America for decades. Now, I feel overwhelmed and stressed out to the max.
Together we will explore your options. We’ll look deep into your inner heart felt thoughts, dreams and desires, creating a personalized step by step plan using the Universal Laws.

I have always dreamed of working for myself.
How exciting yet I know this can feel scary. Does the following scenario sound familiar? When you tell people that you’re thinking of leaving your job and work for yourself, someone inevitably reacts with, “Are you nuts?” You have a salary, career, benefits… What if you try and it doesn’t work? That’s what they say. What I’m inviting you to do is the following; Please take a moment, go within and honestly ask yourself, “If I never allow myself this opportunity to work for myself, will I always wonder what living my dream life could have been like?” As your Coach, I will guide you through the process of creating and moving into this amazing heart felt dream career. You will learn how to release those nagging self sabotaging beliefs and let your All knowing intuition be your guide.   

I know I want to make a change in my professional work life but I haven’t a clue what it is. I’m not sure if I would like to work for another company, work for myself or retire.
Good for you for knowing it’s time to make a change. That can feel like a big step, entertaining life changes. I love coaching my clients through this transitional stage.  It’s easy to get “cold feet” and wait for the perfect moment. My approach is very heart centered, Spiritual, gentle and loving. I use a time tested and proven process. If you have recurring thoughts about making life changes, your inner voice is speaking to you saying, “the time to make a change is now.”

My life is basically good, except I feel that there’s something I’m meant to do and I don’t know exactly what it is.
That’s your inner voice, trying to get your attention. Your Soul has a purpose and is here to guide you. Your thoughts may be, all is basically good. Doesn’t a great life sound much better to you than settling for just a good life? My passion, as your Coach, is to guide and teach you how to connect with your “Inner You.” That’s where your Unique Self resides and where your intuitive answers come from.

I know that I have a “bigger purpose” but don’t know how to let go of the security I feel working in my job/career that I’ve had for many years.
We all want to feel secure. Years ago having a career/job gave us a sense of security. The truth is there’s no longer “job security.” I’m not saying that to be negative. I’m saying that to tell you, that’s your key to stepping out into your world of freedom. You have the right to explore your options. Understanding yourself is a vital step when it comes to living your purpose. I will teach you specific tools to use and how to think out of the box. This aligns you with the Universal laws. My coaching offers you a unique opportunity to explore your dream life possibilities, even if you’re currently working.

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