I specialize working with Relationships and Divorced Women who want to embrace who they are, who they want to be and provide them with specific tools to bring their dreams to reality.

How Can I Help you fulfill your dreams?

My divorce is finalized. Sometimes I mope, cry, feel disconnected and yet other days I feel okay. I’m not sure how to get my life back to normal.
It’s very natural to feel this way. It can take time to heal and move forward. By learning the specific Universal Laws regarding self-love and forgiveness, you’ll be able to implement them into your life, feel shifts and give birth to a new and wonderful life, that’s just right for you.

My marriage has been over for a while. I’d like to start dating but I don’t want to make the same mistakes again.

It’s easy to feel fear when you think about going out of your comfort zone and start dating again. You may be dating now. The only thing is, you’re attracting “what you don’t want.” So now you’re thinking, “What if I never meet the love of my life?” The reason you’re attracting the same type of person is only because you haven’t changed your thought process.

I’ll teach you how to change any thoughts that aren’t working for you and replace those thoughts with the thought frequency, of what you would love to experience. Once your feelings reflect these thoughts, you’ll be attracting what you do desire. The actions that result, are now congruent with attracting the partner you desire,the love of your life. As your Coach, I’ll be there to help you release old patterns and false beliefs, listen to the your intuition and move you easily and gently forward.

I’ve been unhappy for a long time in my relationship. I’ve been married for years. Of course there were good times but now those seem few and far between. I’m not saying that I want my marriage to be over, I just want to feel happy again.
Sometimes you may feel confused, not knowing if you’re unhappy in your marriage or unhappy with yourself. Being in a committed relationship may have included being a mother, partner, wife, working full time and/or putting everyone else’s needs before your own.  Being Coached by me is all about celebrating “You!” The first thing we do is put you first on the list.  You get to be number one, for that’s who each one of us really are. I’ll help you fall in love with your unique self, which is magnificent. Utilizing the Universal laws, with my guidance you will discover your inner truth, which is pure joy and love.  As you learn to cherish your gifts and honor your soul, you’ll lovingly see, feel and know the truth of your current relationship.  Then, when you make a decision to stay in or let go of your relationship, the intuitive process will feel safe, grounded, right and perfect.

I’m loving and giving in my relationships. Unfortunately I keep finding myself with partners that take advantage of me and ares sometimes emotionally abusive.

I’m so glad to hear that you are loving and giving in relationships.  The world is a wonderful place because of women like you.  The challenge comes when we choose a partner that we feel we can “fix.”  I’m here to tell you that it’s not your job or mine to “fix” anyone. It absolutely feels amazing to help someone and be a giver, but not at the giver’s emotional expense. I love and am so deeply honored to Coach you if this is you.  My heart sings symphonies as I watch you embody your inner joy and self love through activating the Universal laws in your thoughts.

Letting go of anyone and anything that is not in your life for your highest good, is the door to inner peace, love, joy, abundance and true happiness. It has been said that the most difficult thing for a person to accomplish is the ability to consciously choose their thoughts. It’s my honor and gift to you to help you understand your unique gifts as a child of God,claiming your inner power and live your true dream life.

I am a nice, happy, kind and giving woman to everyone and everything. I just don’t treat myself as well as I treat the rest of the world.
It feels so good to be a giver, a helper, that we may find ourselves totally exhausted when it comes to taking care of our own desires, dreams and/or goals. You may have lost touch of what makes your heart sing, feel uninspired and out of touch with your Soul. Thank you for being such a loving giver. Giving is wonderful but if you can only give and are not good at receiving, the well will run dry.  Many of us were taught that receiving and asking is being greedy. We live in an infinitely abundant Universe that wants us to have what is already ours, just because we are part of the Infinite, the One Mind. The natural Universal flow is giving and receiving. As your Coach, I’ll teach you how to let go of false beliefs that have kept you from being a grateful receiver, up until now. We’ll recreate inner patterns for you, that will open your heart felt self to love giving and receiving equally. This way you’ll always have more to give.

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